The Legendary Boat

Carlo Riva’s last boat
Before letting it living its new life, it is Patrizio Ferrarese who takes the steering wheel of a boat which he piloted so much in the past but who was transfigured by the audacious esthetic treatment it received. The mirror hull intrigues and fascinates, by playing
ceaselessly with elements without ever fixing their image a single moment. Become almost invisible as a furtive vessel, RAM Offshorer running at full speed reveals suddenly its presence by a skimming trail. Undoubtedly, its hull still shows its incredible comfort at sea and it is no secret that the stretch of water of the Principality is not never soft for “small” runabouts.

A polished mirror on the sea
Indeed, what knocks today is the compact size of a boat of only thirty feet in the middle of the armada of the large yachts while forty years ago, it put up a good show in the pontoon. It will be thus doubtless perfectly in its role by playing also the “tender”.
The nostalgic often claim that in the cinema, remakes are rarely as good as the original. With RAM Offshorer version 2013, it is very pleasant to contradict them. History will retain doubtlessly also that it is probably the last boat produced with the complicity of Carlo Riva, as the unexpected heir of a long ands prestigious lineage. It is not one of its slightest originalities there, with all the value that will become attached to a unique work signed by the workshop of a great master.

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